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The artist Berruti Valerio
Born 1977, Alba, Piemonte, Italy.
Lives and works in Verduno, .

Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Ceelste prize 2004. Olio e tempera su juta affrescata

I use fresco technique because, more than others, requires punctual timing, like in a rite, a timing that cannot be changed. The repetition of identical actions allows me to get into an ideal state of mind and to elevate the act of painting into something sacred. The magic of fresco, also due to its complexity, does not allow for any mistake. The painting is not on the surface but within the plaster itself, which is what makes it so durable in time. The combination of my sign and the fresco creates, I believe, a very special result, it sort of gives to the work its own autonomy...