Tseng Yu-Chin | the artist

The artist Tseng Yu-Chin
Born 1978, Taipei, Taiwan.
Lives and works in Taipei, .

Style and technique of the artist: Video, Documenta Kassel,

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<p>I Got up in the morning and remembered<br /> I had dreamed of my grandmother last night. She was sighing and lying down by me.<br /> I received a telephone call<br /> Grandmother had passed away. She is very important to me…</p>

In his early video works and experimental short films a surreal, dream-like atmosphere prevails that by association stimulates the fields of emotional and mental processes. More recent videos, in contrast, appear to be elements in a psychological experiment. Tseng¬ís attention is directed primarily to childhood as a period of primary physical experience and social conditioning…

Five children gaze into the camera and wait for the moment when they will be splattered with yogurt or milk.

Sleepwalking children wake up the senses