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The artist Naama Tsabar
Born 1982, Israel.
Lives and works in New York.

Style and technique of the artist: Greater New York, Installation art, Performance Art,

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Naama Tsabar
Naama Tsabar is an installation and performance artist; she was born in Israel and currently resides in New York.
The roots of Tsabar’s works are to be found in concert halls and nightlife. Using everyday materials, such as the gaffers tape and rubber floor mats, she forms experiential and conceptual charged installations, exploring questions of power, eroticism, gender and memory…

Naama Tsabar
It is the show behind the curtain that fascinates me: the floor mats, gaffers tape, alcohol, bed sheets. Playing in a band performing in small crowded venues and bar tending. I have experienced these venues at their extremes and from both sides. In my art I go back to such experiences to investigate the inert structures and tools that support emotionally charged spaces…

Naama Tsabar

Naama Tsabar
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Naama Tsabar

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