Anne Truitt | the artist

The artist Anne Truitt
Born March 16 1921, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
Died December 2004, , .
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects,

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Truitt's career took a major turn at the end of 1961. In November she and her close friend, the late artist Mary Meyer, visited New York City. At the Guggenheim Museum certain works in the exhibition American Abstract Expressionists and Imagists had profound affect upon her, particularly Barnett Newman's vast painting of 1953, Ornament VI, and to a lesser extent a "black" painting by Ad Reinhardt. These works and others in the exhibition were totally new to her. Heretofore her interest had centered on certain historical examples (Giotto, Piero della Francesco, etc.) and those of a few close contemporaries. She suddenly felt free and confident about her work, able to continue doing exactly what she wanted...

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NNE TRUITT'S HOUSE IN WASHINGTON, DC, SITS ON A HILL above the city. A typically Mid-Atlantic dwelling of a certain vintage--shingled, with a porch and pale blue shutters--it is easy to miss. The artist's studio in the backyard resembles one of those fishing shacks that dot the coast of New England, quite the opposite of the grandiose compounds and lofts that have become the self-conscious markers of artistic success. John Russell recently wrote in the New York Times that Truitt's work "never calls out for our attention." I'm not sure I agree--some of her sculpture is quite imposing--but the observation would serve aptly as a description of Truitt's home, and of the artist herself...

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