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The artist Miguel Trillo
Born 1953, Jimena de la Frontera, Spain.
Lives and works in , Spain.

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“If we were to separate photographers into two groups: hunters and fishermen, I would be a fisherman.Not of souls but of growing bodies, dressed as they wish, whose owners have made of their appearance a form of identity. If we were to divide between street and studio photographers, I would multiply myself along the paving stones”

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His photography reflects a young international through the rock, the pop, or rap, and even through some sports, he has turned the body into an identity sign and certain spaces into creative spaces. Miguel Trillo’s work is part of important public and private Spanish collections...

Su homogénea obra se nos muestra como un caleidoscopio de normalización vital de un país que en el último cuarto del siglo XX se incorporó al disfrute de las libertades... (Spanish)

It is quite possible that with this show Miguel Trillo sets out one of the most interesting arguments that can be made through the photograph on the rupture of languages -nationalisms- that ends up being a sort of snapshot in urban terms...

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