Toshio Iwai | the artist

The artist Toshio Iwai
Born 1962, Kira, Japan.
Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.

Style and technique of the artist: Design, Digital Art, Art and Electronic media,

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A Short History of the Works by TOSHIO IWAI

Iwai has been called a "cult figure" and a "truly great multimedia artist." He may not consider himself an animator, but at the Hiroshima Festival, animators were talking about his work more than they talked about any of the films in competition...

Piano-as image media, 1995

an age when the term multimedia has become debased through overuse, Iwai demonstrates just what a consummate multimedia artist can really do. He has mastered the arcane electronic techniques of these many new media while possessing true musicality, visual sense, and compositional timing...