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The artist Toru Kamiya
Born 1969, , Japan.

Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Kamiya's gradation paintings with mastery skills, artworks painted from photographs taking one element of daily life, and drawings on colored surfaces are different expressions and yet, all of them compliment one another to show his views of the world. They are all quiet, honest works suggesting somewhere between this world and another, or the beginning of a story.

Kamiya's work includes oil paintings with concrete, figurative images, as well as painting series based on rich gradations of color with delicate linework in acrylic applied onto the canvas. For both these types of work, Kamiya captures casual scenes and situations from everyday life in photographs, which are then used to create paintings that attempt to materialize the atmosphere and impression inherent to the place where the scenes were shot, all the while being extremely attentive to color and light...

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