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The artist Tomas Saraceno
Born 1973, Tucuman, Argentina.
Lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sonsbeek, Calder Prize,

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Flying Garden

Installation, action. 2006 The inner space is accessed through a kind of sluice…

Since a few years Tomas Saraceno (born in Tucuman, Argentina 1973) has been working on what the theoretician and architect Yona Friedman would call a "realizable utopia". That one of building up natural micro-systems, human communities, self-sufficient urban settlements, suspended in the sky. These cities would be able to travel with the movements of the clouds, so to overcome the limitations and conflicts typical of national borders. It is a realizable utopia because it is based upon rigorous scientific premises and the use of innovative materials…

Tomás Saraceno looks to the sky and sees possibilities for rethinking how we live in relation to one another—for reshaping notions about nationality and property, and revising our ideas about the fixity of the built environment and the organization of cities. Air-Port-City, Saraceno’s ongoing project, envisions networks of habitable platforms that float in the air. The freedom of their airborne location allows for sections of living space to join together like clouds, creating aerial cities in constant physical transformation. As he explains, “Like continental drift at the beginning of the world, the new cities will search for their positions in the air in order to find their place in the universe . . . [this structure is] capable of imagining more elastic and dynamic border rules (political, geographical, etc.) for a new space/cyberspace…”