Todd Siler | the artist

The artist Todd Siler
Born Aug 21 1953, Mineola, Long Island, New York, USA.
Lives and works in Denver and New York City, .

Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Installation art, Painting, Video,

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"Cerebralism" is a visionary activity of the arts’
transforming all information, knowledge and experiences. "Cerebralists"
show the unity of nature, connecting the human mind and the things the
mind creates.

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Images from solo exhibitions at Ronald Feldman Gallery with press releases.

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Edge Foundation, Inc., was established in 1988 as an outgrowth of a group known as The Reality Club. Its informal membership includes of some of the most interesting minds in the world.

Brief interview with Todd Siler artist, writer, inventor, educator, and consultant who received his PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies in Psychology and Art from MIT in 1986.