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The artist Tim Noble & Sue Webster
Born Tim: 1966; Sue: 1967, Stroud; Leicester, England.

Style and technique of the artist: BritArt, Photography,

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Toxic Schizophrenia is a classic badass tattoo, constructed from 516 little light bulbs. Blaring violently bright and self-indulgent, Tim Noble and Sue Webster take pop art to the extreme, blowing it up in lights like fly-by-night casino chintz. The artist design and make these light paintings themselves, creating a DIY glam that’s better than the real thing…

<p>For fifteen years Tim Noble and<br /> Sue Webster’s dark, witty and original works have addressed issues of sexuality, identity,<br /> self-representation and taboo…</p>

Tim Noble and Sue Webster are united by their fascination with the mechanics of the media and advertising industries, and by the notion of the young British artist as celebrity.

Dirty White Trash [With Gulls]