Itzchak Tarkay | the artist

The artist Itzchak Tarkay
Born 1935, Subotica, Austria.
Lives and works in , Israel.

Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Unlike so many artists working today, Tarkay believes in painting, and he believes in beauty. Aesthetics and human psychology are the forces that drive his art, not vogue. He has no need of video, mixed-media installation or site-specific sculpture, all of which are the rage of such art centers as New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, London, Paris, Cologne, or Milan. Instead he makes art "the old-fashioned way" -- applying paint to canvas, or printer's ink to paper. In other words, he makes the art of the future -- the art that artists invariably come back to, the art that lasts and holds up to the test of time...

There is an ancient mystery in the work of Tarkay that must be discovered for oneself. This is what Tarkay’s paintings achieve. Tarkay’s fertile female form is a timeless enigma. The poses that Tarkay’s figures manifest are every bit as classical as The Winged Victory or Venus de Milo. Tarkay dives deep into history, and brings up pearls for our times. The quality of his line is organic, the quality of his woman, his art, is magic...

Itzchak Tarkay's drawings and paintings are taken from life. He then elaborates on the composition by including elements transferred from earlier sketches and then manipulates a single model in various poses and locations within one canvas...