Toshiko Takaezu | the artist

The artist Toshiko Takaezu
Born June 17 1922, Pekeekeo, Hawaii.
Died Macrh 8 2011, Honolulu, .
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects,

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It is the tall closed forms of Toshiko’s work that she is mainly known for. And like Voulkos, Reitz and other contemporary ceramic artists, she started out making functional work. The 1950’s marks Toshiko’s experimentation with functional ware: tea pots and vases and the beginnings of her first reductionist forms...

It has been said that Toshiko Takaezu may have been the first potter to successfully close a pot. This seminal decision removed her work and ceramics as a whole, from the realm of craft and functionality, to that of fine art. Her closed, vertical vessels have become her hallmark...

Portrait of an Artist puts the teabowls, bronze bells and 12 foot ceramic forests of this prolific and diverse potter into the context of her life: teaching, cooking, throwing her pots, gardening, and unstacking her kiln. The viewer travels from the surreal volcanic landscapes of the artist's native Hawaii to the fall harvest bounty in her rural New Jersey garden – seeing how, for this remarkable artist, all is one...

Toshiko Takaezu in her home and studio