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The artist Steve Mann
Born 1962, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
Lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

Style and technique of the artist: Art and Electronic media, Installation art, Video,

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Steve Mann is the world’s first real cyborg, a man who exists in harmony with technology. With the help of a computer that he developed to serve as an extension of his own senses, he is able to absorb reality electronically, and through the use of a net-ready camera fitted to his glasses, “People cannot just see me, but also be me”...

When you first meet Steve Mann, it seems as if you've interrupted him appraising diamonds or doing some sort of specialized welding. Because the first thing you notice is the plastic frame that comes around his right ear and holds a lens over his right eye...

Imagine putting a video cam inside an artificial eye as a way of recording the world...

University of Toronto; profile

cyborg activist and University of Toronto professor, in his laboratory, workshop and "DECONism Gallery" studio