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The artist Stella Brennan
Born 1974, , New Zealand.
Lives and works in Auckland, .

Style and technique of the artist: Video,

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Named after the Beatles' finest piece of pop psychedelia, Stella Brennan's installation, Tomorrow Never Knows, draws together geodesic domes, seventies living rooms and science fiction...

Cash from Chaos – Auckland City Art Galleries

Wet Social sculpture

"Converting AUT's St Paul St gallery into a public spa with dubious restorative intent, Wet Social Sculpture is an irreverently layered result of Stella Brennan's interest in the fate of modernism and the idiosyncratic ways that art draws on and is absorbed by popular culture. Neatly combining her ongoing explorations of abstract cinema, psychedelic escapism, suburban consumerism and utopian architecture, Wet Social Sculpture is a witty and engaging critique of how concepts age and are translated into contemporary culture."