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The artist Group Sponge
Born 1997, San Fransisco, USA.
Lives and works in San Fransisco, USA.

Style and technique of the artist: Art and Electronic media, Installation art,

Chris Salter (lead artist for this project), Sha Xin-Wei, Laura Farabaugh

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The artists’ group Sponge collaborated with The LAB to produce an edition of the evolving Sauna project, which features “contemplative hybrid media spaces embedded into a public environment.” Members of Sponge are Chris Salter (lead artist for this project), Sha Xin-Wei and Laura Farabaugh...

SAUNA 02 is a response to our logo saturated environment and an electronic intervention into the mediated spectacle of urban space. During the month of June 2002, The LAB and Sponge present indoor/outdoor installations and a public discussion series focusing on new forms of mediated urban space...

As new media has (in many instances) been situated within traditional studio-based fine arts curricula in the university or conservatory context, it has also been greeted by the traditional split between studio-based practice (making things without parcel to critical theoretical/historical considerations) and seminar-lecture (history-theory that is unmoored from lived experience) based learning...