Sophia Tabatadze | the artist

The artist Sophia Tabatadze
Born March 19 1977, Tbilisi, Georgia.
Lives and works in Tbilisi, Georgia and Berlin, Germany, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Istanbul Biennial,

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When I want to describe the new series of works I’m making, terms like ‘human condition’ and ‘under construction’ come to mind. I want to portray the human condition with the use of architecture. Here I mean ‘architecture’ in its widest sense: in the shape, structure and movement of the human body, of buildings and landscape, of ‘the built’ environment, of the human body as it relates to that environment and of the city as a living organism with its orders and disorders…

GeoAIR is an organization that was founded in 2003. It organizes and supports international exchange projects with the goal of strengthening the Georgian and Caucasian art world, bringing together artists from different cultural backgrounds and finding relevant contexts for them to work in…


audio by artist david weinstein with sophia tabatadze eteri chkadua abdellah karroum

Maiden – Divorced – Spinster