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The artist David Slivka
Born Oct 27 1914, Chicago Illinois, USA.
Died April 4 2010 Manhattan, USA.

Style and technique of the artist: Abstract Expressionism, Painting, Sculpture Objects,

New York school of Abstract Expressionists

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David Slivka

David Slivka
Contemporaries and longtime friends, Slivka and Cherry (who passed away in 1992) met in Woodstock, New York, in the late 1940s and associated with Manhattan’s Abstract Expressionist vanguard, which included Jackson Pollock, Williem de Kooning and Franz Kline, among others.

David Slivka
David Slivka was born in Chicago on October 27, 1914 of Russian immigrant parents. Somewhat of a nomad, he moved all about the United States until the age of sixteen when he settled in San Francisco and later in New York City. From the age of ten he demonstrated a unique talent in both the sculptural and pictorial arts, a gift many established artists of the time, such as Ralph Stackpole and Dudley Crafts Watson, quickly and enthusiastically recognized…

David Slivka
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