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The artist Alejandro and Moira Sina
Born , , USA.
Lives and works in Boston, USA.

Style and technique of the artist: Design, Art and Electronic media, Installation art, Kitchen Sink,

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Spinning Shaft, 1978

The light sculpture produces spectacular and mesmerizing optical effects. Works such as Spinning Shaft combine elements of kinetic and light art with digital technology to great effect...

During May light artists, and One Million Points Of Light participants, Alejandro and Moira Sina created a series of neon works for the ballet premier of “Penumbra”, staged at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, USA...

Neon Rainbow, the second New York Sky Event in the summer of 1976, consisted of a three hundred foot polyethylene arc that soared 150 feet above the 59th Street Pond in Central Park and was visible for miles...