Simon Penny | the artist

The artist Simon Penny
Born 1955, Melburne, Australia.
Lives and works in California, USA.

Style and technique of the artist: Art and Electronic media, Installation art, Video, Kinetic Art,

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“Technology is all about painstaking simplification, driven often by a desire for order and predictability, which produces complex - and unpredictable - effects. It’s a kind of mania for short-cuts which leads to enormous and irreversible detours. Now this is my business in a nutshell”

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Simon Penny believes society is on the edge of a change as resounding as the Industrial Revolution. He sees the emergence of a digital culture that blends art and technology into new social practices only now being imagined by Penny and others in his field...

I come to robotics through many years of practice in kinetic sculpture, installation, electronic media and interactive media art practice...


Simon Penny's Electronic Critique: Notes on the Politicization of Art against the Aestheticization of Politics...


«Traces» Vision System, 1998 – 1999