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The artist Sigrid Holmwood
Born Nov 19 1978, , UK.
Lives and works in London, UK, .

Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Reconstructing the work of a painter of peasant life, I use handmade historical paints dating from the sixteenth century with period quill brushes and studio-ware. The specific pigments, binding media, and handling properties emphasise colour and luminousity, drawing links between the 16th century genre-painting and 19th century impressionism. The peasants with whom I associate are historical re-enactors who have, in turn, hand-stitched their clothing and reconstructed working practices, striving for the greatest authenticity possible. The identification with, and re-enactment of, the subject is a part of the project as the finished work.

Works at the Saatchi Gallery

Sigrid Holmwood is taking part in the scenes she is representing; using authentic pigments she takes on the mantle of peasant painter demonstrating traditional painting methods. Back in the studio contemporary paints are mixed with traditional pigments and mediums; egg tempera, sour milk, pine resin and birch leaves...

The Traveller’s Cabinet

Sigrid Holmwood was educated at the Ruskin School of drawing and fine art, Oxford, and the Royal College of Art, London.