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The artist Shaun Gladwell
Born 1972, Sydney, Australia.
Lives and works in Sydney, .

Style and technique of the artist: Video, Venice Biennale, Sydney Biennale, Taipei Biennial,

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<p>Reverse Remixes<br /><br /> When my little girl falls on the pavement and her teeth go through her lip and I have to take her to hospital and watch her get stitches, I don’t really think about ‘almost real’ or ‘really real…’ </p>

Shaun Gladwell has recently become one of Australia¬ís fastest rising young art stars…

Using an absurdist logic that joins together things belonging to different categories, the project of Shaun Gladwell is loose canon anarchic. Historical cultural material, contemporary technologies, and the urban landscape are boiled up together in his pot. The result, in Gladwell’s own words: ‘John Glover would have made excellent skateboards in his spare time.’

Fountain (online video)

Shaun Gladwell critically and poetically links personal experience with contemporary culture and historical references through performance, video, painting and sculpture…