Shai Zakai | the artist

The artist Shai Zakai
Born 1957, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Style and technique of the artist: Conceptual Art, Installation art, Photography,

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Zakai is one of only a few artists in the world who are gaining international attention by using pollution as their medium and the earth as their canvas. These artists identify environmental problems and use the creative process to bring these concerns to the forefront of people's agendas...

Artist, and a green activist, creates in photography and in conceptual art involving installations and multi-media to react upon ecological and environmental issues. Works as a lecturer and curator of photography and of eco-art, besides her work in her photography studio...

"For me, an eco-artist is comparable to a doctor practicing alternative medicine, who would never offer you a painkiller, but would examine the body as a whole." - Shai Zakai