Sebastian Gogel | the artist

The artist Sebastian Gogel
Pseudonym: Sebastian Gögel
Born 1978, Sonneberg/Thüringen, Germany.
Lives and works in Leipzig, .

Style and technique of the artist: New Leipzig School, Painting, Sculpture Objects,

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Ein seltsam amorphes Wesen wühlt sich aus dem Dunkel der Bildfläche, fleischige Tentakel wachsen aus seinem Inneren, greifen suchend in den Raum. Die vielen von tiefrot bis schneeweiß facettenreich changierenden Arme, durchschimmernd an den Rändern wie eine Medusa, tasten umher, befühlen ihre Umgebung…

Sebastian Gögel was born in Sonneberg and works in Leipzig, Germany. In his works, strange, grotesque, and amorphous creatures appear in the darkness. These creatures found in such works as Sammler (2004) or Frequenzer (2005) have mysterious appearances that are likely to be found in myths or legends, both beautiful and horrible, both peaceful and fierce. Their forms were drawn without previous sketches as if they enlarged their body by repeating cell division by themselves. Gögel summons the imaginary animals lying in his unconsciousness to his canvas, a conscious level. Besides these curious living forms, the artist created “bird-men” with a long protruding nose. These surrealistic figures also have a double face of fairly-tale-likeness and gruesomeness. Each of them creates enigmatic scenes where he sticks his head out of noodles in a bowl or attempts to unlock the door with a key as big as his own body. The figures shown in black silhouette seem to embody the latent imagination hidden in people’s unconsciousness…