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The artist Scott Lyall
Born 1964, Toronto, Canada.
Lives and works in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Painting,

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"the challenge is to name and develop this subject in the circumstances of an abstract and image-based culture, with its preference to keep moving through exchange and transmission... all sculpture, and every art of built frames, must reconsider its status in terms of conductive efficiency."

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Rachel Harrison, who is well-known for her enigmatic mixed-media sculptures, and Scott Lyall, who is recognized for his elaborate installations, were invited by Daniel Adler to collaborate; an approach that is not typical for either artist. Harrison and Lyall developed their art practices within a parallel dialogue, but they approached this unique opportunity to work together by trying to undermine their aesthetic similarities and draw attention to the seams of their collaborative process...

When Hangover Becomes Form, 2006, installation view