Sasha Huber | the artist

The artist Sasha Huber
Born 1975, Zurich, Switzerland.
Lives and works in Helsinki, Finland, .

Style and technique of the artist: Design, Singapore Biennale,

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<p>SELECTED EXHIBITIONS<br /> <br /><br /><br /> 2008<br /><br /> A STREAM OF ELECTRONS («UN FLUX D’ÉLECTRONS»), Institute Finlandais, Paris, France<br /><br /> SHOE ART COLLECTION, Shoes Or No Shoes?, Kruishoutem, Belgium<br /> <br /> FUTURE GAME & YKON, Taidehalli, Helsinki, Finland<br /><br /> CONSPIRE, Transmediale, Berlin, Germany<br /><br /> NOTHING TO DECLARE, The 4th Oberschwaben Contemporary Art Triennal, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland<br /> <br /><br /> 2007<br /><br /> COLORS NOTE BOOK, Shanghai, China<br /><br /> COLORS NOTEBOOK, La Triennale Di Milano, Italy<br /> <br /> MAL AUX PIXEL, Institute de Finlande, Maleuxdeuvre, Palais De Tokyo, Paris, France<br /><br /> THE THIRD CULTURE, Puristamo, Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland<br /><br /> THE THIRD CULTURE, Rundetaarn, Copenhagen, Denmark<br /><br /> GROW YOUR OWN, Palais De Tokyo, Paris, France<br /><br /> ART FORCE 1, Myymälä2, Helsinki, Finland<br /> <br /><br /> 2006<br /><br /> MICRONATION TRAVELLING AGENCY, Transmediale, Sparwasser, Berlin, Germany<br /><br /> RE-SHUFFLE: NOTIONS OF AN ITINERANT MUSEUM EXHIBITION, Art in General, New York<br /><br /> TRUST MUSEUM, Singapore Design Festival, Singapore<br /><br /> MASTERS OF ARTS, Helsinki, Finland<br /><br /> MASTERS ON THE ROAD, Gallery Norsu, Helsinki, Finland<br /><br /> TERRORTORY I, MUU gallery, Helsinki, Finland<br /><br /> EVERY STORY TELLS A PICTURE, Sparwasser, Berlin, Germany<br /><br /> BELIEF, Singapore Biennale, Singapore<br /><br /> FABRICA: les yeux ouverts, Center Pompidou, Paris, France<br /><br /> TERRORTORY III, PAK////T, Amsterdam, Holland<br /><br /> LIQUORISH LIGHT, Saloona, Tel-Aviv, Israel<br /><br /> NAKED LIFE, Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Taipei, Taiwan<br /><br /> DREAMLANDS BURNING, Kunsthalle, Budapest, Hungary<br /></p> <p>2005<br /><br /> 110TH ANNUAL EXHIBITION OF FINNISH ARTISTS, Kunsthalle, Helsinki, Finland<br /><br /> GALLERY HUUTO: THE FIRST BOOK, Stockholms art fair, Sweden<br /><br /> SILVERBACK, gallery Alkovi, Forces of Light, Helsinki, Finland (solo exhibition)<br /> <br /><br /> 2004<br /><br /> SHY TIME, Helsinki, Finland<br /><br /> MAIL ME! by Fabrica, FAD, Barcelona, Spain<br /><br /> FINNISH DESIGN EXHIBITION, Finnish Tourist Board, Tokyo, Japan<br /><br /> YOUNG FORUM 04, Design Forum, Helsinki, Finland<br /><br /> SHOOTING BACK, Gallery Huuto, Helsinki, Finland<br /> <br /><br /> 2003<br /><br /> SUMMER EXHIBITION, Gallery Huuto, Helsinki, Finland<br /><br /> CONTEXT – THE NEW CONTEXTS OF WRITING, Gallery of the National Library, Helsinki, Finland<br /><br /> SAUNABUS, Milan Furniture Fair, Italy<br /> <br /><br /> COLLABORATIONS<br /><br /> 2000 – SHY Timeless Services Collective, Helsinki, Finland<br /> <br /><br /> MEMBERSHIPS<br /><br /> 2005 – YKON, Helsinki, Finland (co-founder)<br /> <br /><br /> SCHOLARSHIPS<br /> <br /> 2000 – 2001 FABRICA research and communication center of Benetton, Italy </p>

Sasha Huber was born in Zurich and has roots in Haiti. She earned her BA and MA in graphic design at the University of Art and Design in Zurich and Helsinki.

co-founders and active members of the YKON