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The artist Ruud van Empel
Born 1958, Breda, Netherlands.
Lives and works in Amterdam, .

Style and technique of the artist: Photography, Digital Art,

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Van Empel creates photo-collages by meticulously stitching together fragments taken from an archive of thousands of images the artist photographs himself. Upon viewing the pristinely rendered images, however, no obvious trace of van Empel’s Photoshop technique is evident. The viewer is instead drawn into van Empel’s subtly conflicting worlds which simultaneously appear impossibly illusory and undeniably hyper-real...

Ruud van Empel (1958) is one of the most extraordinary photographic artists of this moment, both nationally and internationally. From hundred of fragments adopted from digital photos, he compiles new images that seem very life-like and realistic, but also conjure up a world that has never existed. The exhibition is the first large-scale museum overview of the work of Van Empel...

I build up my pictures because i am not satisfied with taking just one picture, for me that is mostly interesting from the historical point a view (it captures a moment that is history afterwards) so i create my own world in photorealism, that is how i see it, my imagination translated into photography...