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The artist Ben Rubin
Born 1964, , USA.
Lives and works in New York, USA.

Style and technique of the artist: Digital Art, Art and Electronic media, Installation art,

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At nearly every stage of his professional development, Rubin has begun work in a field just as it was making the awkward transition to the digital age. That was the case in his first job out of MIT, in which he helped develop a sort of protodigital film-editing system called Montage...

Mr. Rubin, an artist who works in audio, video and digital electronics, collaborated with Mr. Hansen, a statistician with Bell Labs at Lucent Technologies, under the auspices of Lucent and the Brooklyn Academy of Music, where the work was shown last season...

The Listening Post, 2003


With Open Outcry, New York artist Ben Rubin proposes a sound installation that evokes the trading floor at the New York commodities market. The work intersperses sounds of calling on the trading floor with interviews with brokers about their profession, their experience of working the market and about the September 11 tragedy...