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The artist Romuald Hazoume
Born 1962, Porto Novo, Benin.
Lives and works in Porto Novo, Benin, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects, Documenta Kassel,

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The central installation takes a market vendor’s cart that would once have carried Coca Cola, beer, plastic toys, jugs, footballs, brushes, razors and pans, and subverts it into a biting critique of the consumer encounter. Where once hung newly manufactured products, waiting for consumption, we now find empty shells and spent materials – the debris of capitalist exchange.

Hazoumé’s masks conform more to the recovery of their materials than to Yoruba traditions; however, there are also important links with this heritage. He has said about his masks that he sees them “exiting” or “departing.”

article 14’

La Bouche du Roi is a multi-media installation, the main components of which are 304 ‘masks’ made from black plastic petrol cans, a CD of sounds and voices, and a short film detailing the lives of motorcyclists who run petrol between Bénin and Nigeria, a form of modern day slavery…

<p>Found piece, 2005<br /> gasoline cans</p>