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The artist Roman Signer
Born 1938, Appenzell, Switzerland.
Lives and works in St. Gallen, .

Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Performance Art, Installation art,

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Signer s "action sculptures" involve setting up, carrying out, and recording "experiments" or events that bear aesthetic results. Following carefully planned and strictly executed and documented procedures, the artist enacts and records such acts as explosions, collisions, and the projection of objects through space...

Depuis plus de trente ans, le travail de Roman Signer évolue en fonctions d’éléments récurrents, comme le kayak, le bidon, l’explosif, la fumée...


BETT (BED) 1996 (video still)

Aktion mit einer Zündschnur Appenzell-St.Gallen