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The artist Sophie Ristelhueber
Born 1949, Paris, France.
Lives and works in Paris, .

Style and technique of the artist: Deutsche Borse Prize, Photography,

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In Sophie Ristelhueber's large-scale artworks and installations, the photographed landscape appears in fragments: damaged, rent, pockmarked. These traces of history and conflict, which the artist calls "details of the world," are like scars on a body, and they convey a similar tale of wounds scarcely healed. Ristelhueber has photographed these metaphorical landscapes in war-torn places like Beirut, Kuwait, Bosnia, and Iraq since 1982, recording the violence inflicted on the surface of the earth by the machinery of war. Rather than focusing on the geopolitical meaning of a particular conflict, Ristelhueber is engaged with the ambiguities of what she calls the "terrain of the real and of collective emotions...

“you can find, in a very concentrated form, all the obsessions of my previous work: traces, scars, destruction of the human presence, or constructions of all sorts of obstacles to separate one human being from another.”

Looking back through the 1980’s I saw that, although it’s not my only interest, I kept a lot of my focus on traces, scars, and so on. The first time you can see that is in my Beirut work from 1982 about modern architecture in ruins. But I didn’t then make a decision to have that theme as my statement as an artist, nor even that I would keep exploring it...