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The artist Hakan Rehnberg
Born 1953, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Hakan Rehnberg
Rehnberg paints in oils on sand-blasted acrylic sheeting. He squeezes the paint on a wide putty knife leaving the colours unmixed at this stage. Then he goes on to paint in an unbroken movement, either vertical or horizontal, creating a single gesture with all its properties leaving their mark on the painting. This action is one of internal contradiction, wavering at the borderline of control and unintentionality. After this the painting cannot be altered or corrected. It can only be accepted or rejected…

Hakan Rehnberg

Hakan Rehnberg
Under de senaste åren har Håkan Rehnberg arbetat med direkta kopplingar till flera av Friedrich verk. Hans utgångspunkt har varit målningen Den stora inhägnaden nära Dresden som målades 1832…

Hakan Rehnberg
For the last 30 years Håkan Rehnberg has methodically explored space and flatness in his painting. His choice of plexi-glass is an acknowledgement of the physical properties of the object on which he paints: plexi is a screen, an object and a frontal plane. For Rehnberg the decisive moment of painting, full of contradictory impulses, intuition and intention, is one of exposure and vulnerability.
With broad strokes, defined by a plasterer’s palate, Rehnberg draws out planes of colour, carving out spaces. In a process of layers he both reveals and conceals, leading to what can be seen as a flattened architecture – an inaccessible room.
The inaccessible room is both a physical place and a conceptual site. In his sculptures the room becomes almost inhabitable, sometimes inviting shelter and yet providing none. Often a closed space with only visual access, the sculpture recalls an eddy in a river – a recurring thought…

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