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The artist Randall Packer
Born 1953, , USA.
Lives and works in , USA.

Style and technique of the artist: Art and Electronic media, Video, Digital Art, Writing,

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The US Department of Art & Technology is an artist-led, virtual government agency...

Randall Packer's work as a composer, media artist and producer/curator has focused on the integration of live performance, technology and the interdisciplinary arts...

interview: The Future of Academic Freedom

video: Orf (from the legend of Orpheus) pays visit to Washington where he carries out a spectacular vigil to bear witness in extraordinary times of crisis. Orf is a poet-troubadour who resides in the shadowy depths of the Other World...

Dear Mr. President- Two years ago, upon moving to Washington, D.C., I had the grand idea that what our country needed most was a new government agency to oversee the integration of art and technology...