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The artist Mario Ramiro
Born 1957, Taubaté, Brazil.
Lives and works in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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“Mario Ramiro”:

Mario Ramiro

Mario Ramiro
The idea of freeing an object from the action of gravity is rather disconcerting and at the same time confronts us with enormous limitations. The question of levitation is fascinating not only because of the unique condition of a body floating in the air, but mainly because of the absence of any type of visual support maintaining the object in space…

Mario Ramiro
In Ramiro’s Gravidade Zero (Zero Gravity), an electromagnet regulated by a photo-sensor maintains a metallic form floating in space in a state of levitation. Freed from a two-dimensional base, and from any point of support in space, this object is in a truly 3D kinetic space…

Mario Ramiro
Gravity Zero, 1986

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