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The artist Raha Raissnia
Born 1968, Teheran, Iran.
Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Style and technique of the artist: Collage, Painting, Video,

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Raha Raissnia
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Raha Raissnia
If Raissnia’s cinema extends time, her drawings delimit time. In certain renderings we can cull subcutaneous
sinews and tendons. Most compositions, however, depict a crushing build-up of marks so dense that their excess
verges upon illegibility. It is as though we are witnessing the result of a scene that has been superimposed and
slowly replayed upon itself so thoroughly that the image, stuck in its frame, has suffered a slow burial under the
topographical sediment of graphite and ink.

Raha Raissnia
In all of my gallery exhibitions and in various configurations I have presented elements of all three areas of my practice; that is painting, drawing, and filmmaking. My work in general aspires to music. Time dimension, like in music, structures the unfolding of my still images, whether they be paintings, drawings, or hand painted collaged slides and films. In my film performances I use my prepared projectors like musical instruments and incorporate improvisational techniques. Over the last few years, I have been working in close collaboration with experimental cellist, Charles Curtis, who has produced soundtracks to accompany my slide and film works…

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