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The artist Yassin Raed
Born 1979, Beirut, Lebanon.
Lives and works in , Beirut and Amsterdam.

Style and technique of the artist: Drawing, Painting, Manifesta, Video,

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Abraaj Capital Art Prize 2012

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Raed Yassin was born in Beirut 1979, he graduated from the Theater Department of the Institute of Fine Arts in Beirut in 2003. He works in video, performance, music and audio/ visual arts. He has done performances like ( black pepper , variations on a face ), videos like ( Beirut, Antenna Sonata, Featuring Hind Rostom ) recordings like ( "A" by Kerbaj, Sehnaoui, Yassin trio. "The Adventures of Nabil Fawzi" by Coleman/Yassin )...

Raed Yassin is a video, sound and visual artist, who also works as a part-time curator and as a musician (double bass, tapes, turntables and electronics). He was graduated from the Theatre Department at the Lebanese University in Beirut. With a strong conceptual focus, he works with image, music and text. His work is based on themes related to the media, the city, Arabic cinema, pop culture, pornography, disasters and archives. His work has been shown across Europe, the Middle East, the United States, and Japan...

Yassin is quite a name among devotees of experimental music, and the first event in the two-day residency at the uber-hip Cafe Oto made it clear why. He has that quality of utter concentration which makes you hang on his every move. What that move may be is always in doubt, because Yassin doesnÂ’t play his double-bass so much as subject it to investigation. He balances Tibetan singing bowls in its crevices, and sets them ringing so the bass becomes a resonating chamber. He threads metal bars between the strings and agitates them rhythmically, creating a kind of thrumming which evokes wind through trees, or perhaps some ancient ritual...