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The artist Jorma Puranen
Born 1951, , Finland.

Style and technique of the artist: Photography,

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Where compasses all go mad reanimates arctic explorations through the use of different archival material. Puranen has re-photographed historical photographs and other visuals related to heroic Arctic expeditions. In Where compasses all go mad Puranen combines three different interests. Namely his long term work in the Arctic, his interest in the archive and the use of reflecting light as a metaphor for speaking of history and memory.

The idea of Icy Prospects came from reading histories of polar expeditions, Arctic lore and from watching tourists on the furthest promontory of Nordkap in North Norway. Nordkap is a place where tourists throng from all parts of Europe to admire the last shore of our continent. To the north there are only Spitzbergen and the North Pole. The people standing on the foggy cliff stare northward as if they had in mind the ancient myth of Hyperborea, the temperate land beyond the northern winds surrounded by the polar ice...

Imaginary Homecoming

Finnish photographer Jorma Puranen whose distinguished career has included a long tenure as Professor of Photography at the Helsinki School of Art and Design and a number of international solo exhibitions with accompanying monographs. Puranen’s work is held in most of the major international photographic collections and he is the subject of a forthcoming monograph that will be published in 2009...