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The artist Jane Prophet
Born 1964, Birningham, UK.
Lives and works in London, UK.

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Jane Prophet

“Jane Prophet”:

Jane Prophet
‘Swarm’ is a multi-faceted interactive installation which draws much of its inspiration from ideas currently gaining ground within the scientific community regarding the ‘emergent’ behavioural properties exhibited by complex natural systems…

Jane Prophet
Working with cutting-edge materials and practices from CD-ROM and early net art in the 90s, through to recent explorations of fractal-based machine fabrication and stem cell dynamics the process through which her work is produced is often equally as rich as the end product…

Jane Prophet
This collaboration is part of the hybridisation of art and science in her work.
In contrast to these large installations, Prophet has created new miniature landscapes for this exhibition, minute object based vignettes viewed on small monitors, drawing the viewer in and demanding close inspection…

Jane Prophet

Jane Prophet
TechnoSphere is a 3D simulation of an environment populated by virtual creatures that are either carnivores or herbivores…

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