Alexander Pilis | the artist

The artist Alexander Pilis
Born 1952, Rio de Janeiro, Brazi.
Lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.

Style and technique of the artist: Sao Paulo Biennale, Architecture, Conceptual Art,

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“O caos também é organizado”

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work: architecture parallax : visual crisis, the blind architect - t.b.a

Sao Paulo Biennale

The audience, in one scenario, may have to look through binoculars which have been specifically "refurbished" so that they have become a bi-viewer. In Pilis's exhibition at the Museo del Chopo in Mexico City (1995) photomontaged images were inserted within all the binoculars; one montaged image for each eye piece...


A transformação, aliás, é algo típico da metrópole paulistana. A cidade possui milhares de referências e nunca pode ser lida a partir um único referencial... (Portuguese)

This current branch of Parallax research, concentrated in the Peak exhibition, involves Pilis's exploration of blindness -- both as a physical condition and as a "critique of the modernization of vision."...