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The artist Pierre Alechinsky
Born Oct 19 1927, Brussel, Belgium.
Lives and works in Paris, France, .

Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Printmakers, Cobra, Documenta Kassel,

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In 1949 Pierre Alechinsky became a founder-member of the COBRA movement after meeting Christian Dotremont. With a number of artist friends he set up a type of research centre and meeting-place in Brussels, the Ateliers du Marais. Towards the end of 1951 he went to Paris, moving to Japan in 1955 to study the art of calligraphy, also making a film called Calligraphie japonaise (1956)...

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Pierre Alechinsky at work.

Une Pierre, deux passages (One Stone, Two Passes)

After Cobra disbanded, Alechinsky moved to Paris where he studied printmaking and moved in Surrealist circles. His work contains residual figurative motifs, such as goblins, reptiles of every description, volcanoes, and rushing streams. The beasts and geographical elements arouse disquiet as well as smiles of complicity…