Piero Manzoni | the artist

The artist Piero Manzoni
Born July 13 1933, Soncino Cremona, Italy.
Died Febr 6 1963, Milan, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Minimal Art, Arte Povera, Conceptual Art, Zero, Sydney Biennale,

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<p>Viewed with hindsight, Manzoni might well be seen as at the more ephemeral end of the timeline of his own classification. His life was tragically short, ending in 1963 when he was aged just 29. His output in the circumstances was impressive, and his influence in conceptual and performance art undeniable… </p>

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Piero Manzoni was born on 13 July 1933 in Soncino (a village in the Po Valley in the province of Cremona). He grew up in Milan, spending his summer holidays at Albisola Marina (a seaside resort on the Liguria Riviera), where he and his parents used to meet Lucio Fontana, the founder of the Spatialism avant-garde movement…

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