Erik Pevernagie | the artist

The artist Erik Pevernagie
Born 27 april 1939, Brussels, Belgium.
Lives and works in Brussels, .

Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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I like to paint things as they appear every day, the way they are engraved in my memory, the way they react in the arsenal of my imagination, the way I experience things in their environment. I let things come to me smoothly and watch how they evolve “mit Gelassenheit”, as Heidegger would say. In fact, I am a good watcher.

The creation of his work is at the same time plastic and literary. Words, titles, sentences, graffiti are extensions and elucidations of the visual effect. The artist gets his inspiration from several aspects of the social fabric. Communication and in-communication are recurring central themes in his work. Themes like alienation, seclusion, unrest, insecurity are often starting points for his visual production. Pevernagie sees painting as a semiotic experience.

Artists I like: Lucian Freud ,Edward Hopper, Breughel, Bosch, Pollock