Peter Dreher | the artist

The artist Peter Dreher
Born 1932, Mannheim, Germany.

Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Athens Biennale,

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German artist Peter Dreher is best known for his series "Tag um Tag ist guten Tag" (Day by Day Is a Good Day), which he, began in 1974. Painting the same image—a glass of water against an unadorned background—again and again, the artist has now finished close to 3,000 paintings…

Dreher paints what he sees. He documents. He reduces realism in such a way that his paintings become close to abstraction. Every single plate could be an abstract painting: a grey rectangle, a yellow-brown composition, a painting without any references to reality. Only together with the rest of the paintings, in the context of the installation, does the single plate become meaningful – and so do our perceptions thereof. Dreher reveals this fundamental process to us: we never see the whole reality, we always see what we already know. A completely naïve perception is impossible…

Vitrine with yellow pepper „Unterrock“...


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