Pavel Pepperstein | the artist

The artist Pavel Pepperstein
Born 1966, Moscow, Russia.
Lives and works in Moscow and Tel Aviv, .

Style and technique of the artist: Moscow Conceptualism, Painting,

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Russian artists are now faced with the question of how to deal with an omnipresent western commercial mass culture. If some preach separation, and others start adopting images and myths of western mass culture, Pepperstein's strategy derives not only from citing external forms of mass culture (i.e. pictures and words), but more important, their inner mechanisms and agendas...

31 Watercolours

Born in 1966 in Moscow and currently residing both there and in Tel Aviv, Pavel PepperĀštejn is one of the most important artists of the new, young generation of concept artists following in the wake of Ilya Kabakov...

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