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The artist Reuben Paterson
Born 1973, Auckland, New Zealand.
Lives and works in Auckland, .

Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Sydney Biennale,

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Paterson's connection with his turangawaewae and his taha Maori or Maoriness have been expressed in defined themes in his art-making practice. Each series he produces can be linked to memories of recent and ancient pasts that are visceral, intangible and tangible. His awareness and respect for tangata whenua or original people and wahi-tapu or sacred places informed his thinking for Whakatata mai: do you see what I see...


The act of looking twice has always inspired and intrigued me; it’s the act of seeing, and of not being able to see, of knowing, and of yet to learn, of being drawn into, and out of, to discover multiple layers of visual truths—those images that are obvious, and those that are hidden. Optical art distills these principles using them singly with force and commitment. It is the art of pure essentials that relies on total abstraction and visual confrontation. Optical painting may take various forms but its foundation is a non-objective perceptual response where simplicity is its dominant and most essential characteristic...

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The glitter paintings of Reuben Paterson are extremely seductive, attracting viewers like magpies to shiny objects of promise. They hint at the ideas of beauty as a magnet for visual attraction. The sparkling glitter enables the artist to explore much more than merely the twinkling light qualities of the material. Its intrinsic character transcends the everyday, the mundane or the worldly, and now implies the celestial, the spiritual and the celebratory. (1)