Otto Piene | the artist

The artist Otto Piene
Born Apr 18 1928, Laasphe, Westfalen, Germany.

Style and technique of the artist: Zero, Video, Painting, Sculpture Objects,

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Winner Leonardo da Vinci Prize… Once I wrote a college thesis on Leonardo but that would hardly qualify me for this formidable honor. However, Leonardo says in the Paragone of his Treatise on Painting that painting is the highest art form because it is the supreme science. This sentence is supreme Leonardo and his spirit lives on as today we are striving toward intense interaction among science, technology and the arts - evident in media arts and science and sky art.

Fire, red and black on white.

Otto Piene consecutively developed three forms of ‘light ballet’: ‘archaic light ballet’ (1959) based on torches and perforated cardboard…

Der Künstler Otto Piene präsentiert eine leuchtende Kugel aus vielen Glühbirnen…

Untitled (Smoke Drawing). 1959