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The artist Oscar Tuazon
Born 1975, Seattle, Washington, USA.
Lives and works in Paris, France.

Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Venice Biennale,

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Adopting the problems and materials of structural engineering and hands-on construction, Tuazon's intervention in the ICA building will be comprised of a number of repeating modular units, made from large wooden beams. The structure will push the physical boundaries of the gallery space, forcing it to adapt and to reengineer itself in order to accommodate the work. Built on site and without plans, the resulting mesh of struts and columns will have an improvised, precarious quality that, in its disregard for the conventional boundaries between the ICA gallery and its other public spaces, suggests the artwork's struggle for autonomy. This will be an object potentially freed from the constraining rules of architecture and art, an object that can survive on its own, without a roof overhead or a structure to house it, or even someone to see it...

Tuazon (American, b.1975, lives and works in Paris) creates large-scale sculptures and installations that investigate the physical space and contain references to and elements of Minimalist sensibilities, do-it-yourself aesthetics, and formal architectural practices. His work is often characterized by a sense of tension and aggressiveness that challenges the traditional notions of architecture but also possesses a sense of adaptability that leverages his fascination with alternative architectural movements and improvised usage of building materials such as cement, wood, glass and metal...