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The artist Ola Kolehmainen
Born 1964, Helsinki, Finland.
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany, .

Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Minimal Art, Photography, Sydney Biennale,

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In my works I concentrate on what is essential in a space, building or structure, leaving out things that are unnecessary, which I call visual noise. The original forms of my subjects often contain many repeated elements, a single form or material, often the same, in large quantities…

Kolehmainen’s work focuses on the exploration of contemporary architecture. Using a minimalist language, he transforms interiors and façades of buildings into abstract, ornamental visual structures whose sensual presence is intensified by troublesome details such as mirrored trees…

Ola Kolehmainen photographie les façades de bâtiments anciens et modernes. En privilégiant des détails agrandis ou des angles de vision insolites, il détourne les édifices de leurs fonctions pour les transformer en motifs…

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