Nina Roos | the artist

The artist Nina Roos
Born 1956, Porvoo, Finland.
Lives and works in Helsinki, .

Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Carnegie Art Award,

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Nina Roos ( born 1956) is one of the most important contemporary painters in the Nordic countries. "She has been an excellent painter for many years, and her recent works are among her best...

Mysteriousness is one of the core properties of Nina Roos’s paintings. It is difficult to describe them exhaustively, to explain them ultimately. They will always have some trait remaining that can be perceived, clarified and explained only by viewing. Roos changes and develops continuously, and previously adopted ways of viewing will never apply as such to her most recent works...

Nina Roos and Jussi Niva in Conversation with Rita Roos

Excursion into the Slightest of Signs

Roos continually adopts new positions in her painting in her endeavours to encounter new problems. More than a method, this approach stems from the fact that the various “places” represented in her pictures demand different appearances...