Nikko Kali | the artist

The artist Nikko Kali
Pseudonym: Nikko Kali
Born Nov 17 1957, Sao Paulo/SP, Brazil.
Lives and works in Paris, France, .

Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Surrealist artist where it looks for the synthesis between
the perception of the direction and the intellectual reflection, trying
to reveal the other side of reality. Every symbol has a meaning and
every picture expresss a message.

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“The artistic expressions reflect the time and the space where they are created”<br /><br />Quoted artist with DROUOT<br /><br />Nikko Kali was born in Brazil, in the city of São Paulo, but very early it launches himself in its trips to accomplish his formation, England and France. His very elaborated technical where its funds are very studied. Lives and works in France since 1984. It has in a manner apprit very natural. Colors, form and lines forming a harmonious composition, constructed in the daily of his experience. It left his thought freely to float and it represented nonexistent or real things.<br /><br />The true inspiration appears any place, and not only in the walls of an academy. The places he visited, that keep a certain mystery, as India, where it lived for two years, influenced in the creation of its works.<br /><br />Research since 1997 the old writing - hieroglyph, persian, Arabic, sanscrits and Celtic. But it always kept in its works his origin soul Brazilian, by the usage of living and harmonious colors.

It’s very elaborate and studied technique. He uses precious stones, fine, decorative stones and gold in the mixtures of its natural pigments...