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The artist Mira Reiss
Born Aug 28 1958, Warsaw, Poland.
Lives and works in Montreal, Canada, .

Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Mira Reiss was innitally trained in architecture

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Life is but a stage, and in the works of Montreal artist, Mira Reiss it takes a shape of a circular circus arena. It is the backdrop for a series of portraits and scenes that are at once burlesque and social satire, at first glance recalling the works of contemporary painter and sculptor Botero. In Reiss colorful universe, the players are weighed down by their humanity, despite the revelry that surrounds them, and her paintings are at once poignant and carefree. Her rich palette creates an undulating landscape of shapes and tones and her style sets her apart from other contemporary artists. Highly original and bold, Reiss has found a niche for herself with her unique vision of contemporary society, and her unusual expressionism.<br />Vie des Arts, by Dorota Kozinski

"In the eyes of the beholder" by Danielle Legrain and Dorota Kozinski. Educated in Europe and Canada, Mira Reiss has honed her art into a visual vocabulary all of her own. Unfettered by the rules of proportions, with echoes of neo-expressionism, her style verges on the naïve, but do not be decive. Behind the comedy and visual liberties lies the hand a skilled and accomplished artist with unique vision and deeply personal interpretation of the world around her. Despite the jocularity and physical distortions, her paintings are strangly disturbing, as if beyond the laughter lay a more poignant story.

Mira Reiss lives and works in Montreal, Canada. Born in Poland, was initially trained in architecture (she received a master degree in architecture from the Technical University of Warsaw) followed by studies in painting at Concordia University in Montreal. Most of her works can be loosely located within a neo-expressionist framework: distorted space, figures askew, boosted colors; the sense of a separate reality with an alternate set of visual rules. The paintings function almost like charts of personal symbolism and significance; to attempt to unravel them is to be drawn in, to find yourself wandering around, a traveler of sorts in a place not quite of this world. Mira Reiss constructs narratives from dreams, memories and the happenstance hilarity of the every day. Slavic art (icons and illustration) and literature (notably Bulhakov) both inform her rollicking paintings which often seem set in some proto-European town. Her coloration is deep and rich, almost theatrical and achieved through lush oil glazing. Mira Reiss – Arnaud is represented by Montreal’s galleries: Galerie d’Arts Contemporaines and Gallery Art en Majuscule